Name: Kathryn Sullivan

Title or Job Description: Assistant Trainer, Casse Racing LLC

Kathryn Sullivan was born in London, Ontario, where she started riding at the age of 8. She rode show horses when she was younger and worked at the track on summer holidays from university. Following her graduation, Kathryn went to Europe for the summer before she was to start graduate school. Fortunately for us, she got a bit side-tracked!

After 12 years living and working around the world, Kathryn returned to Toronto and began work at a downtown office. She would spend her weekends at the track, where she would hot walk horses. It didn't take long for her to realize that she belonged there and not in the corporate world! She started working for Woodbine Racetrack shortly thereafter, which she credits as being a great education in how the business of racing works.

Kathryn joined Casse Racing in 2008 and feels extremely fortunate to be a part of the team. She says that "it's a thrill to be involved with such an incredible stable or horses, and to be competing in the big races" as part of Team Casse and Conquest.


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