Conquest Stables, LLC was born of the excitement that our co-owners Ernie Semersky and Dory Newell experienced at their first trip to the Kentucky Derby in 2012. The Highland Park, Illinois couple were so drawn to the sport that they purchased their first thoroughbred only weeks after their first "Run for the Roses". In 2013, Conquest Stables invested in more bloodstock, and with our trainer Mark Casse, embarked on a program that produced several stakes winners and two juvenile Breeders’ Cup runners. 2014 has seen the continued growth of Conquest Stables, with an astonishing 50+ horses in training, one pregnant broodmare, and a number of as-yet determined stallions. We have high hopes for our fantastic team- both horses and trainers- and are sure 2014 will be a groundbreaking year. The sky is the limit for Conquest Stables, LLC!

Horse Selection

While luck may be on our side, none of the Conquest horses have been by chance. Ernie, Dory, and the entire Conquest Stables team spend hours evaluating each potential purchase, going through pedigrees, ratings, and watching breeze videos. Our phenomenal head trainer, Mark Casse, and vet, Dr. Bob, go to see each horse in person, looking for any signs of issues. Himself a former athlete, Ernie believes you can tell a lot from the build and personality of a horse. Each filly or colt is a hand-picked investment, and we think we have made some great decisions. See for yourself on the Horses page!

Racing Care and Retirement

Conquest Stables believes in the ethical and fair treatment of all of our horses. We care for them like the true athletes that they are, from advanced laser treatments to custom compression suits for travel! We hire only the best jockeys, trainers, stable hands, and photographers, and try to surround our business with people that love horses. We will never race a horse if there is any risk of injury and will do whatever it takes to keep the horses fit and healthy! Active donors to the New Vocations organization, we believe a horse's life does not end when it stops racing. Our horses are world-class athletes that deserve a golden retirement!