Conquest Stables is Proud to Introduce the Newest Members of Our Family

April 2, 2014

Recently at the OBS March Two Year Old In Training Sale, Conquest Stables purchased three of the finest colts in the sale. Today we will show you our first purchase, stay tuned to our page through out the rest of this week to see the other two…

First is Conquest Panthera, who breezed an 1/8th of a mile in 10 seconds flat. This is a colt out of the 2013 Leading Sire Kitten’s Joy standing at Ramsey Farm. We thought this horse was the best mover of the sale. He has a huge, efficient stride that’s effortless as he gobbles up ground. This colt is made to run distance and his breeding cross of Kitten’s Joy over Pulpit is about as good as you can get. The best note about this horse is when Ernie and Dory went to visit him after the sale, while Ernie was holding his reigns he went up on his hind legs and lifted Ernie off of the ground. When he came down, he tried to kick Ernie and missed by about six inches and then he tried to run away. THAT’S OUR KIND OF HORSE. Needless to say, we’re in love with him.